TI – C-Span Video showing radiation training using Geiger counters at Treasure Island Navy Base JANUARY 30, 1991

This video shows the chemical, Biological and Radiological training that sailors were learning in preparation for the first Gulf War.

Time Stamps of particular training:

4:20 Captain in charge of base: chemical warfare   gas chamber with tear gas

09:33 Commanding officer USS Excel, Minesweeper finding and catching mines.

12:00 mine hunting in south bay area or just outside the golden gate

18:17 NTTC inside the USS Buttercup Alan Larson who heads the NTTC
At 28:16 which is the beginning of the actual drill they are checking for radiological damage notice the yellow box with the wand.

29:23: white smoke no flame

29:52: Radiological damage

49:53: Gas Chamber CS Gas looks like the lower floor of the pandemonium II is the gas chamber

56:28: Pandemonium II explaining the gas chamber test in front of USS Pandemonium II . Note the first USS Pandemonium was located under the current housing and was the site of chemical, biological and radiological training including the use of Mustard Gas training on the site https://treasureislandcalifornia.wordpress.com/2021/01/27/ti-map-uss-pandemonium-1-under-present-day-housing-at-treasure-island-atomic-biological-and-chemical-warfare-training-site/

The Navy moved the ship to the northeast side of the island and used it for gas training after offensive use of Chemical and Biological weapons were outlawed. But it is exactly the same ship

57:43: Fire fighting  left to right Boiler Room Simulator, Engine Room simulator, and foc’sle simulator which is the forecastle the front of a ship simulator

Note: the minesweeper was also featured in this film from 1950 where they are spraying a biological disease into the air in order to determine how far and how effective their methods are in using biological warfare offensively. Same minesweeper used in the training in 1991 as in 1950 https://treasureislandcalifornia.wordpress.com/2021/01/25/ti-film-1951-the-navy-purposely-contaminating-san-francisco-with-a-biological-disease-to-prove-it-can-happen/