ATF San Francisco Field Laboratory at Treasure Island radioactive foils

Hydrogen3 is Tritium

Stanford Environmental and Health and Safety
Princeton report on how Geiger Counters can’t detect it.

1401 Research Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland 20850
April 29, 1987

Refer to

United States Nuclear Regulatory
Commission – Region 1
631 Park Avenue
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406


This is a formal request for amending our existing materials license 119833-01. Proposed amendments are listed below:

  1. Nickel63 foil contained in a VICTOREEN INSTRUMENT-model #4008-4-15 located in room 167 ATF National Laboratory Center facility. Rockville, Maryland will be transferred to our San Francisco Field Laboratory 233 Naval Station, Treasure Island. California.
  2. This laboratory System is also in the process of finalizing the purchase of an explosives detector manufactured by SENTEX SENSING TECHNOLOGY. INC. (Scanex. jr.-Serial a1 # 60K-139 containing Hydrogen3 Titanium Tritide foils safety light-model #508-3). which will also be located at the San Francisco Field Laboratory. Note conditions of existing license regarding instrumentation located at our Rockville and Treasure Island Laboratory facilities. Please find enclosed copy of existing license # 1918331-01.

Sincerely Yours,
William D. Kinard
Forensic Chemist