TI-Film-1951 The Navy purposely contaminated San Francisco with a biological disease to prove it can happen.

Film of the Navy purposely contaminating 43 square miles of San Francisco with Serratia marcescens in 1950 and in color, at 2:25 “Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare” Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare (1952), Department of Defense Film Production, National Archives and Records Administration Catalogue # 428.MN.9170A, Declassified NND Authority # 64044

Contamination Zone of the Biological Warfare demonstration of 1950 when the Army using the Mine layer from Treasure Island purposely contaminated San Francisco with Serratia marcescens which at the time was considered harmless because they tested it on 18 year old recruits in full health but this test placed 11 people into the hospital and killed one of them. The disease is now a problem in hospitals as it can withstand cleaning.
Minelayer out of Treasure Island spraying a Biological Agent off the coast of San Francisco to infect the city in 1950.

They started this type of live training in 1949, This film is of a test from 1950. The hearings were not until 1977. How long did this continue? The Army was funding this test but it was the Navy that carried it out. Part of the Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Defense courses at Treasure Island. This constant testing caused an incident in 1950 whereby 11 people in San Francisco were infected by a bacterium that produced a pneumonia that cost a man his life. Senator Edward Kennedy was very upset about this in a 1977 hearing and chewed out the Army official who told the committee about the problem.

NIH report on Serratia infections which shows that it’s a serious problem today, it was not “safe” like they thought it was in 1950 and is the cause of hospital infections to this day.

You may be asking why San Francisco? The Navy’s Biological Warfare Laboratory was at the Oakland Naval Supply Center where they experimented on flu, pneumonia, smallpox and polio viruses. It started out on the campus of the University of California Berkeley. The Oakland Supply Center was closed in the base closing in the 1990s. Continue reading “TI-Film-1951 The Navy purposely contaminated San Francisco with a biological disease to prove it can happen.”