By Hyman Olken, Training Division
United States. Naval Training Support Command. Training Publications Dept, and United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel. Naval Training Bulletin. [Washington, D.C.]: December 1950 Bureau of Naval Personnel, pp 20-28

The Atomic Defense Set-up

The atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima did more than just reveal to the world the enormous destructive power of this new weapon. It gave an inkling of how a nation or society would have to be organized to cope with this new destructive force; and, in addition, it gave a clue to the nature and enormous extent of the new training burden thrown on the Armed Services if they were to cope successfully with this new agency of warfare. Continue reading “RADIOLOGICAL DEFENSE TRAINING – IN THE NAVY DEC 1950 Naval Training Bulletin”

TI-Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available, 1950

Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available:

An excellent correspondence course in Radiological Defense is now available to all interested personnel of the Medical, Dental, Nurse, and Medical Service Corps together with warrant and chief warrant officers of the Hospital Corps, both regular and Reserve. This course covers some of the technical and physical factors in the development of fissionable materials and the production of ionizing radiations as well as their biological effects and medical uses. There are also sections on cellular changes, hematology, and treatment. Continue reading “TI-Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available, 1950”