1978 EIS Appendix C-5 Alpha Field Survey

1978 Environmental Impact Statement for the Army to build a brand new Chemical, Biological and Radiological Training Facility with references to the training at Treasure Island. These are the Course instructions, how they did it, what they measured out, etc.
using Uranium and/or Plutonium in these exerices.

Pu is Plutonium
U is Uranium
Cs is Cesium

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Stauffer Chemical in Richmond using Radiological materials as late as 1997

this is alicense amednment which lists the qualifications of a resume for Dr. Edward A. Weck, Head, Molecular Genetics Research which lists his Radiological work at Stauffer Chemical.

Additional industrial experience was gained at Stauffer Chemical Co., Richmond, CA from February 1985 through March 1987 where I served as Assistant Radiation Safety Officer. We had annual presentations on the safe use of radioactivity from our local health physicist and from a New England Nuclear consultant. I worked with 32P and 35S and was responsible with organizing removal of radioactive waste by US Ecology of Hayward, CA.


Stauffer Chemical in Richmond CA processed uranium NRC records 1962

Stauffer Chemical (now Astra Zeneca) had a uranium processing mill in Richmond CA. This is the Atomic Energy Commission license to process and cut uranium for use in Nuclear Weapons. I am placing this article on my Treasure Island page as Stauffer Chemical Company was a supplier for the US Chemical Warfare Service in World War II and after and Treasure Island conducted training using Mustard Gas, a poison gas which was outlawed in the Treaty of Versailles.

Stauffer Chemical Company was immediately to the East of what is now the UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station, which also includes the US EPA Field Laboratory for Region 9 which encompasses California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, the Pacific Islands and Native American toxic waste sites. It is also less than a mile from the California Department of Public Health and all of these locations are within contamination range of the site. Nuclear radatiion can affect lab equipment.

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Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
A-Task Force Review NUREG-0301 July 1977

Several lists including the use of radio isotopes and their concentrations in 1977

List of when states took over the regulation of nuclear materials

Cvilian Uses of Radium (Including Radon and RaDEF)

Military Uses of Radium

Selected Accerator-Produced Radionuclides (including some examples of uses)

Primordial Radionuclides

Major Cosmic Ray-Induced Radionuclides

Treasure Island San Francisco lost its Nuclear Regulatory Commission License over incompetency in 1985

In Reference to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at Treasure Island, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Inspector wrote the following and the actual document is below: “I explained that it did not appear that he had any experience with radioactive materials” Immediately after this inspection the base sent its Cesium 137 to Oakland for disposal, giving up the ship! They would return a year later with all the forms done and with a new staff.

NRC Conversation over phone on the qualifications of Treasure islands Radiological Officer and it turns out he had no direct experience with radiation. After this call Treasure Island surrendered its radiological sources for disposal in Oakland,

Here is the surrender of the material to Oakland:

NRC Violations

Treasure Island Navy Base violated NRC Regulations over many years, not checking the devices for leaks and they ignored the NRC until it got to the point where the NAVY had to surrender its Cesium 137 for its training devices in Building 343 in 1985 (above).

The next year the Navy came back with a full staff with all the qualifications necessary to do the job, but up to that point it was all in the hands of people who were not qualified and today we see the result, radioactive materials buried all over the island.

Note the US Treasury also had a facility on Treasure Island that had licenses for radioactive foils, foils just like the ones found under the housing at Treasure Island and it too had NRC Violations, and i will write that in a separate article.

Treasure Island Nuclear Regulatory Commission license dated March 24 1982


NRC Link
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Plutonium Cesium Cobalt and neutron sources used in training at Treasure Island

This document lists the resumes with work experience with Plutonium, Cobalt, Cesium, and other radioactive materials and devices. This is a legal document, subjecting the application to comply with all laws and regulations under penalty of perjury.

The Navy would have you believe that the amounts of radiation are small or it’s just Radium. But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has licenses for all materials used on Treasure Island by the US Navy, including the dates and signatures of all officials who signed under penalty of perjury. This is just one example of many others but a good example of how the record shows the materials used and when.

I will list the isotopes used, the quantities used, the isotope name and half lives for Robert E Sleever.

US Army White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)
12 July 1982

Pages 21 and 22 of 151 show the experience of

Quality Assurance Calibration Lab

page 21 of 151of PDF file of
US Army White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)
12 July 1982
page 22 of 151of PDF file of
US Army White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)
12 July 1982
IsotopeMaximum Activityisotope namehalf life
Tl208MicrocuriesThallium 2083 min
Ra226MicrocuriesRadium 2261685 years
Th228MicrocuriesThorium 2281.9 years
U235MicrocuriesUranium 2357,000,000 years
U238MicrocuriesUranium 2384.47 years
Pu239MicrocuriesPlutonium 23924110 years
Co6030,000 CuriesCobalt 605.27 years
Cs13730,000 CuriesCesium 13730 years
PuBe30,000 CuriesNeutron Source
Mn5430,000 CuriesManganese 54312 days
Co5730,000 CuriesCobalt 57271 days
Zn6530,000 CuriesZinc 65243 days
Kr8530,000 CuriesKrypton 8510.7 years
Y8830,000 CuriesYttrium 88106 days
Sr9030,000 CuriesStrontium 9028.9 years
Tc9930,000 CuriesTechnetium 992110,000 years
Cd10930,000 CuriesCadmium 1091.26 years
I13130,000 CuriesIodine 1318 days
Ba13330,000 CuriesBarium 13310.5 years
Tl20430,000 CuriesThallium 2043.77 years
Bi20730,000 CuriesBismuth 20732.9 years
AmBe30,000 CuriesNeutron Source

This is the table for Alfonzo Gonzales. Note the devices listed with the isotopes, these are containers for the isotopes so they can be used to check the counters for accuracy.

The opening three pages of this document: