Chemical Warfare locations in the US in World War II, depots training locations, offices, labs etc.

These are lists of locations that are chemically compromised and it is illegal for these locations to be in the hands of civilians. This is the master list of every location using chemical weapons for World War II. All of these locations will have to be evaluated for contamination.
Note this is a long list of locations, it might take a while to download.


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Berkeley CA World WAr II Chemical Warfare plant 1326-1404 4th Street

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Napalm for world war II which was used in flame throwers and bombs was manufactured at the California Ink Co. in Berkeley California. It looks like an apartment complex was placed on the northern end of the site and there are several businesses on the site.

The site is not on the State’s radar, Envirostor and Geotracker has nothing on these locations.

Berkeley Landmarks has an article with pictures of the site The metal Arch that is across the street connecting buildings is still there, next to a winery that has taken up office next to the site.

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Final Warning Struck in the Eyes – Residents hit by scrapnel from detonating explosives on TI

Video by Caraol Harvey Investigative Reporter

The Navy is currently exploding ordinance including grenades and Japanese mortars in the radioactive waste location at Treasure Island in violation of Navy regulations on proximity of civilians to the explosions. The Navy freely admitted that they were too close to residents in the recent RAB meeting on December 8th where they admitted to using sandbags and shipping containers to try to block the effects of the explosions from the civilians but the Civilians have been hit by the blast and are injured.

In a report on December 8th for the RAB Meeting the Navy mentioned they were exploding ordinance that was too close to the residents but they were mitigating that by placing shipping containers in the path of the explosions. but the shipping containers are not in the way and tehy are needlessly exposing the civilians to the explosions, violating navy regulations on munitions. The Navy doesn’t care, they have no one to supervise this fiasco:

The Navy found a plume of arsenic and are saying it is a natural formation of arsenic in the soil. The Entire Island is manmade, there is nothing natural there, everything there was placed there within the past 80 to 85 years.

The Arsenic plume is Lewisite, a chemical weapon that is usually mixed with Mustard Gas to have a hideous effect on enemy troops. The Navy has a history of considering civilians to be the enemy. Their total disregard for the safety of the people of Honolulu with the whole Red Hill petroium contamination disaster of the past month where Honolulu’s water supply is contaminated with Navy Oil that is stored above their aquifer. The Navy knew about this in 1982 and even documented the contamination but refused to do anything about it.

Now 1/4 of Honolulu is without water up from teh 1/8th a few weeks ago. The Navy secretary got mad at the people of Honolulu saying that she had been in combat and this was nothing compared to that! She has since backpeddled on that admission but it shows the total disregard for civilians.

Location of the USS Pandemonium:

The Arsenic in the Meadow corresponds with the location of the first ship mock-up the USS Pandemonium where the Navy conducted chemical, biological and radiological testing using live ammo. Lewisite is a chemical weapon that degrades into Arsenic and Acyteline and was found all over this site.


Dumping Nuclear Waste at Sea – Sealift Magazine 1968 MSTS based at Fort Mason San Francisco

The removal of nuclear waste from the B-52 Crash in Thule Greenland where they had military personnel clean up the site after an atomic bomb fell and broke apart spilling its nuclear cargo all over the place. Only one crewman survived but was terribly frost bitten. All of the contaminated materials including ice and snow were removed from the site in these containers as shown above and off loaded at Charleston for burial in the US.

This article points out that 4800 barrels of radioactive waste were also unloaded in Charleston from the Palamedes Spain nuclear disaster where a B-52 carrying 4 hydrogen bombs collided with a tanker in mid air, then exploded and the bombs fell on Spain where one ended up in the Mediterranean while another spilled its contents all over the city, the other two parachuted safely to the surface as that is what was supposed to happen in a crash.

Article on the left details the dumping of nuclear waste at sea as if this is a casual thing to do

Left side United States. Navy. Military Sea Transportation Service. Sealift Magazine. [Washington, D.C.]: U.S. Navy’s Military Sea Transportation Service , 1968
United States. Navy. Military Sea Transportation Service. Sealift Magazine. [Washington, D.C.]: U.S. Navy’s Military Sea Transportation Service , 1968

My article on the Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste disposal sites where the Navy dumped 47500 barrels of nuclear waste into Ocean at the Farallon Islands. They just pushed it all overboard and that was that.


I will be posting more articles on Ocean Dumping.

Letter to the Navy in response to August 10 2021 RAB meeting

Dear Ms. Linz:
Can you send this to the meeting members
The Naval Research Laboratory conducted tests using mustard gas at Treasure Island to test the use of Decontamination Solution 2 versus DANC to be used in chemical warfare training on all navy bases. Mustard Gas was plentiful because the Navy was conducting chemical warfare training at Treasure Island.


DANC is tetrachloroethane and RH195 powder which is a very concentrated form of Chlorine. The Navy at the time used the TCE for the tetrachloroethane when today we use it for Trichloroethylene which are both toxic in parts per million. They mixed 25 gallons at a time in metal garbage cans and dumped it directly onto the ground.

These photographs are from that article and their references are linked.

The training manual ABC Warfare Defense 1960 and 1963 were photographed on Treasure Island. You can see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate and the Marin Headlands in the background of the decontamination of the field gun photograph.

DS2 is
70 Percent Diethylenetriamine (DETA
28-percent methyl Cellosolve
2-percent sodium hydroxide by weight, also known as Lye or Caustic Soda.

DS2 was also dumped all over the ground and used on trucks, field guns, and the first USS Pandemonium which was located on Gateway Avenue right about where Kevin Elizabeth Kempf lives.

DS2 was so corrosive it required the repainting of the guns, trucks and vehicles used in the training , hence the need for auto hobby shops and bus painting facilities to repaint them for the next set of students. Later just painting over the vehicles was a way to contain the contamination but this presents a serious problem, what happened to those vehicles?

I have been going through the Navy reports starting with Operation Crossroads where on December 10, 1946 the Navy admitted to dumping radioactive sand from sand blasting and the radioactive acid from cleaning the pipes of the ships contaminated at the nuclear test at Bikini Atoll directly into San Francisco Bay and the order was given for all bays and harbors on the west coast and the Pacific making sure to not inform the barges that the content was radioactive so as to not cause a panic and in the process exposed the ecosystem to the contaminants directly.


Code 180 A

Bureau of Ships
Washington 25, D.C.

10 December 1946


Subject: Conference on Radiological Safety; Report of.
Time: 0910, 27 November 1946.
Place: Navy Department, Bureau of Ships Room T3-2703.

Present: R.Adm.SOLBERG (BuShips) Col. NICHOLS (ManhatDist)
Capt. MAXWELL (BuShips) Col. ROPER (ManhatDist)
Cdr. REE (BuShips) Col. FIELDS (ManhatDist)
Cdr. HOFFMAN (BuShips ) Col. COONEY (RadSafe)
WesCoRep.) Capt.LYON (BuMed)
Cdr. LANGER (BuShips) Dr. HAMILTON (Univ.Calif)
Cdr. HAWES (BuShips)

So you see you should be looking for more chemicals and radiation in the Bay and on Treasure Island. The Army did it right and published their decontamination of the Edgewood Arsenal that also conducted the same training. You can learn from them! They did this with the EPA.

DTSC says that Treasure Island is unique for people living on a radiation site. It is unique to the DTSC but the EPA has 40 years of experience cleaning up nuclear radiation with people living on the site and you know what they did, they evacuated them!

I have been documenting the USNRDL technical reports where they were charged with decontamination of radiation in live fire incidents where the Navy purposely contaminated areas in Hunters Point Shipyard, Treasure Island, San Bruno and Camp Stoneman (Pittsburg CA) and Camp Parks (Dublin CA). The reports span the foundation of the lab all the way up to the late 1960s when the shipyard was determining the effect of sea water at depth on the SNAP portable nuclear reactors which were used in spacecraft (Mercury, Gemini and Apollo as well as satellites) and since the Navy was testing them at depth I am guessing sonar buoys?

Quite frankly I cannot see how you can justify placing people onto these sites.

There is a list of chemicals that were listed on site T117 in the Baseline report from 1994 and here is the link. The city placed the Treasure Island Skatepark between the Hazardous waste facility for Treasure Island when it was a base and the Radium Vault located on the other side of the building that forms the south wall of the skatepark. (between 343 and 342) You could not have picked a worse location for kids and young adults.


Your contractors who are sampling the locations need to know that this history has taken place and adjust their sampling methods to search for this contamination and to warn them for their own personal safety of the types of contaminants present. One thing that needs to be said, and that is the people on the ground who are cleaning this up and the TIDA Members, the Navy, the staff and officials at City Hall, anyone who has stepped foot on these bases has been contaminated. It is not just the residents. So for your own health you need to investigate further before you subject 20000 more people to the contamination.

James Pepper

Pyrotechnics Magazine was right next to the Radium Vault on TI

Building 458 is on the same block as the Radium Vault, the location where Treasure Island stored its nuclear materials from the Atomic Energy Commission and then later by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

BASEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL BASELINE SURVEY REPORT FOR NAVAL STATION TREASURE ISLAND CONTRACT N62474-92-D-3607 DELIVERY ORDER (0005) Prepared For: Engineering Field Activity West Naval Facilities Engineering Command San Bruno, California May 19, 1995

The materials were first sent to Fort Mason and the Military Sea Transport Service took them by ship to Treasure Island because you cannot move munitions over the Bay Bridge. So all of the area around Fort Mason needs to be evaluated by the EPA for not only nuclear radiation but chemical compounds as this fort was used in world war II to ship out material and personnel.

San Francisco has many bases that were used in World War II including the Damage Control School which was located at 21st street and Folsom Avenue in the Mission District.