TI – Loma Prieta Earthquake 2 to 6 times worse at TI due to the sand and soils and the sand experienced liquification

US Geological Survey Report on Treasure Island during the Loma Preita Earthquake 1994.

Treasure Island suffered 200 to 600 percent shaking of the Earthquake than other areas of the Bay Area due to the structure of the island having been man made. Bedrock is 103.6 meters down. So all future construction will require far more stricter earthquake standards than in regular use today in California.

DEEP INSTRUMENTATION ARRAY AT THE TREASURE ISLAND NAVAL STATION By Pedro de Alba, Jean Benoit, Daniel G. Pass, and John J. Carter, University of New Hampshire; T. Leslie Youd, Brigham Young University; and Anthony F. Shakal, California Division of Mines and Geology, p. A 155

Text Version: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/ssd?id=osu.32435085209971;seq=165
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Below are images of the first page explaining the 200 to 600 percent more damage than the marina District in San Francisco caused by the sand and mud construction of the island and a depiction of the strata of sand and mud at Treasure island showing the bedrock is over 300 feet deep which would make high rise construction prohibitively expensive.

This is part of a larger report:
THE LOMA PRIETA, CALIFORNIA, EARTHQUAKE OF OCTOBER 17, 1989: STRONG GROUND MOTION AND GROUND FAILURE, U.S. Geological Survey professional paper., no.1551-A 1994.” Geological Survey (U.S.). U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper. Washington: U.S. G.P.O., 1994.