Post War Re-organization of the Navy and the beginning of Radiological Training at Treasure Island

Naval training bulletin. October 1946 page 28

Training begins

The Bureau of Medicine was training medical personnel in Radiological Safety starting at Treasure Island on 4 July 1947.

The Damage Control School was in operation continuously since World War II and they were experimenting on various ways to clean up ships parked at Treasure Ilsand that were used in the Atomic Test at Bikini Atoll in 1946 but the first formal courses to be used continuously for 2 decades started at Treasure Island in January of 1948.

In November 1946
Training begins with a correspondence Course to get traininees ready for actual hands on training to be done later and to weed out the prospects.

November 1946 issue of US Naval Training Bulletin pp. 40-41

Formal Course schedule of Radiological Safety 6 weeks of training at Treasure Island

Naval training bulletin. January 1948

The Navy started Radiological Training at Treasure Island in January 1948 but they had individual courses before aminly by the Bureau of Medicine.

IN 1946 Operation Crossroads was used to figureout how to clean up after an atomic bomb balst. Instead they accidentally irradiated most ofhte Pacific Fleet support ships that were not supposed to be irradiated. So tehy sent the ships to ports on the West Coast and at Norfolk to figure ut how to clean them and this led to the ships being parked at Treasure ISland where the Damage Control School was figuring out ways to clean up these ships and develop training courses that started in 1948.

It took them that time to develop the training manuals for radiological safety.

Training tranfers from Treasure Island to Fort McClellan Fall 1967

US Naval Training Bulletin Fall 1967

TI-Correspondence Course in Nuclear Physics Available, 1948

Correspondence Course in Nuclear Physics Available:
The Bureau of Naval Personnel offers a correspondence course entitled “Elementary Nuclear Physics” (NavPers 10775 ). This course is available to all naval officers, including those of the Naval Reserve on inactive duty. The course is based on the 1 July 1946 extra issue of All Hands, devoted to the atomic bomb tests at Bikini, and on “Applied Nuclear Physics,” by Pollard and Davidson. It is believed that those who study the material presented in this course will acquire a sufficient foundation in the principles of atomic physics to give them a clearer understanding of the medical problems connected with atomic nuclear energy, particularly those resulting from explosion of atomic bombs. The material for this course is issued by the Correspondence Course Center on custody receipt. Continue reading “TI-Correspondence Course in Nuclear Physics Available, 1948”

TI-Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available, 1950

Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available:

An excellent correspondence course in Radiological Defense is now available to all interested personnel of the Medical, Dental, Nurse, and Medical Service Corps together with warrant and chief warrant officers of the Hospital Corps, both regular and Reserve. This course covers some of the technical and physical factors in the development of fissionable materials and the production of ionizing radiations as well as their biological effects and medical uses. There are also sections on cellular changes, hematology, and treatment. Continue reading “TI-Radiological Defense Correspondence Course Available, 1950”