On Treasure Island, people live inside toxic cleanup zones

Report By Carol Harvey, Investigative Reporter, The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper

MPPEH and Materiel Which May Present an Explosive Hazard

MPPEH is a designation for material that is owned or controlled by DOD that, prior to determination of its explosive safety status, potentially contains explosive hazards and/or munitions. MPPEH is addressed by DOD Instruction 4140.62, “Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard,” November 25, 2008.

DLA Disposition Services must ensure that only Material Documented as Safe (MDAS) may be released to the public. As such, MPPEH property requires an MDAS Certification or Inert Certification prior to turn-in.

MDAS/Inert Certification must be included or attached to the DD Form 1348-1A and on each container/property.

  • Munitions containers and packaging material
  • Munitions debris remaining after munitions use
  • Demilitarization residue
  • Disposal and range-related debris

Material potentially containing a high enough concentration of explosives such that the material presents and explosive hazard such as: equipment, drainage systems, holding tanks, piping, and ventilation ducts that were associated with munitions productions, demilitarization, or disposal operations.

MDAS is MPPEH that has been assessed and documented as not presenting an explosive hazard. MDAS Certification requires two independent signatures by trained and certified personnel.

The first signatory must be a technically-qualified, DOD employee or DOD Contractor who either witnessed or performed the initial 100-percent inspection or DDESB (Defense Explosive Safety Board)-approved processing of the material.

The second signatory must be a technically-qualified, U.S. citizen who is either a DOD employee or DOD Contractor who either performed or witnessed the 100-percent re-inspection or conducted an independent quality assurance inspection of processed material using an approved sampling method.

Each signatory must ensure the chain of custody was maintained before signing the explosives safety documentation.

The following MPPEH will be accepted by DLA Disposition Services as long as the MPPEH is certified Inert and includes an Inert Certification:

  • Small arms and light weapons (complete weapon)
  • Barrel assembly and upper receiver
  • Ammunition pouches/outer tactical vests/individual load-bearing equipment/Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE)
  • Ammunition magazines and clips
  • Bandoleers and ammunition belts
  • Dummy munitions

Treasure Island was an EPA Site and the Navy covered up the contamination in 1988!

ABC Warfare Defense, Navy Training Course, Bureau of Naval Personnel, NAVPERS, 1960 10099 p 124.
Notice Alcatraz in the background and the headlands from my article and note this is located where buildings 1311 and 1313 were located.
TI-The Smoking Gun – Chemical Warfare test at Treasure Island Navy evaluates methods use to clean up Mustard Gas

Treasure Island was an EPA site for RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) (RCRA) Laws and Regulations for Hazardous Waste and this report from 1991 states it was listed on 2/12/1988. I have the full text of the report below with a table indicating that Treasure Island was a separate and distinct EPA site from “Treasure Island, Hunters Point Annex” and the Shipyard was still yet another EPA site. Then you add in Yerba Buena Island, the coast guard station was also added to that list of distinct sites.

Enclosed in this text of the “Fact Sheet Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Docket” 1991 from the EPA. This EPA report includes a cover sheet, the EPA Fact Sheet, the Federal Register report and an EPA spreadsheet showing over 1600 government owned sites that were placed on this list. To see the full spreadsheet you will need to download the report. I will include Bay Area and other related sites in a table at the end of this document.

The listing required certain reports to be made within 18 months for the EPA once a site is placed on this list and this is a link to that report which does not mention the fact that this site was the Navy’s (ABC) Atomic, Biological and Chemical Training Center which was still in operation on the site when they made the report and continued up to the closing of the base! Here is the report:


This shows the original location of the USS Pandemonium beneath the current location of low-cost housing. And note buildings 1311 and 1313 are located to the bottom right in this circle showing they were downstream from the USS Pandemonium for the contaminants that were washed off its decks.

UIC: N60028
Prepared by:
Dames & Moore
San Francisco, California
Contract No. N62474-85-C-3385
PA/SI Team Members
Ann M. Becker, Team Leader, Engineer
Carol L. Creasey, Hydrogeologist
James G. Ritchie, Geologist
Dale D. Shileikis, Biologist
William H. Welsh, Engineer
Naval Energy and Environmental Support Activity
Project Manager
Ronald E. Tickle
Prepared For:
Naval Energy and Environmental Support Activity
Port Hueneme, California 94043
April 1988


The follow, up report the 1990 report DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT CANDIDATE BASE CLOSURES / REALIGNMENT SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Department of the Navy Western Division Naval Facilities Engineering on Table D-1.11-indicates that no samples were taken of Site 2 in the 1988 report (above) so they just took the word of the Navy that nothing bad happened there! The case was closed by the 1988 report!

The Navy lied and covered up their contamination of the island in 1988. All of the activity since then is all based on their cover up. Port Huemene (which also has ABC warfare contaminated sites which I list below) which compiled this report is directly implicated in radiological tests on locations throughout the Bay Area and at Test Sites with the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory and so the Navy chose the Foxes to guard the Hen House!

The US Navy’s training publication, “Naval Training Bulletin” regularly published articles and schedules of Atomic Biological and Chemical Training at Treasure Island and I have compiled a Chronological listing of the contamination starting in 1946 and it is at my Chronology Page which can be accessed at the top of this blog or here.

I wonder if these circle marks in the lawns of Treasure Island are caused by the chemical weapons training at Treasure Island in the above Photograph from the Navy Training Bulletin?
ABC Warfare Defense, Navy Training Course, Bureau of Naval Personnel, NAVPERS, 1960 10099 p 124.
5 gallons of TCE to one gallon of concentrated Chlorine
TI-The Smoking Gun – Chemical Warfare test at Treasure Island Navy evaluates methods use to clean up Mustard Gas

Note the Biological warfare test in 1950 which they filmed to turn the test into a training film where they purposely contaminated the 116 square Miles of the city of San Francisco, the Bay and on into Oakland. In the film you see the minesweeper based at Treasure Island spraying the bacteria outside of the Golden Gate to be carried by the winds, where it hospitalized 12 people and killed one. The Bacterium was thought to be harmless when exposed to 18 year old recruits but it turned out to be a disease that causes cancer. The Navy has been continuously damaging the immune systems of the people of San Francisco since 1946.

The ABC Warfare Defense Training Manual from 1960 and 1963 was photographed at Treasure Island, and the pictures are here in this article. The 1963 version is online at https://hdl.handle.net/2027/osu.32435011833688

In 1964, the USNRDL, the US Navy Radiological Defense Laboratory based at Hunters point Shipyard conducted a chemical warfare test at Treasure Island to see how effective a new cleaning agent DS2, Decontamination Solution 2 was in cleaning up Mustard Gas as compared to DANC. Treasure Island had mustard gas on hand to test. This photograph shows a mechanized gun being cleaned of Mustard Gas with the first USS Pandemonium training mock up ship in the background. Today houses are located on that site! TI-The Smoking Gun – Chemical Warfare test at Treasure Island Navy evaluates methods use to clean up Mustard Gas

5 inch Gun at Treasure Island California used for chemical training. Note the USS pandemonium in the background looking east by southeast. p 15, The gun mount is shown in Fig. 8.” Page 15, Field Decontamination Studies with Chemical Warfare Decontaminating Solution D52 https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/612665.pdf

And here is a direct link to that report: https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/612665.pdf
DS2 solution was banned by the Navy in 1986 because it is almost as bad as the chemical warfare agents, it kills life on contact. This means that all Navy Bases and all ships used this substance since the training on Treasure Island was to train people to conduct this training on their bases and ships.

Note that Lewisite is a chemical weapon made of arsenic and acetylene which is an oil substance and the arsenic bubble detailed in the February 8 2021 San Francisco Board of Supervisors Meeting is located just downstream from the Original USS Pandemonium that was located where public housing is today. Lewisite is used with Mustard Gas as a combined chemical weapon and we know Mustard Gas was used at this location, where buildings 1311 and 1313 were located. There are two culverts that were used to collect the run off next to the sea barrier.

ABC Warfare Defense Training Manual from 1960 and 1963,
USS Pandemonium Treasure Island
ABC Warfare Defense Training Manual from 1960 and 1963
USS Pandemonium Treasure Island

Oh and if someone at the Board of Supervisors can explain who authorized the permit to harass and kill Marine Mammals: Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Harbor Porpoise, Northern Elephant Seals, and Northern Fur Seals, including Gray Whales to put in the Ferry Pier at Treasure Island, that would be helpful! The city of San Francisco featured in the movie “Star Trek Voyage Home,” has become the Whalers! TI- City of San Francisco application to Harass and Kill take Marine Mammals to build Ferry Pier on Treasure Island

The Navy covered up the Atomic Biological and Chemical Training at TI. Their willful actions have killed people. The City must evacuate all people from the island and seek JUSTICE!

The Document:

Date: 01/10/92

Listing by Region

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These are the people I am fighting for to publish the Navy reports on this site and on my Disaster Area website documenting the Navy’s contamination of Hunters Point shipyard by the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory and at Treasure Island, the Navy’s Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare Training Center.

And if you want a sample of the Navy’s own sources, of what they dumped and polluted at Hunters Point Shipyard, here is their Health and Safety report published by the US Navy’s Radiological Defense Laboratory at Hunters Point Shipyard from 1960 documenting the exposures by building number and listing the radiological accidents just for 1960, accidents denied by the Navy today.
U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory., Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. (1961). Radiological safety at USNRDL: annual progress report health physics division ; 1 January to 31 December 1960. San Francisco, California: U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. Note: This text is searchable on that website

TI – C-Span Video showing radiation training using Geiger counters at Treasure Island Navy Base JANUARY 30, 1991

This video shows the chemical, Biological and Radiological training that sailors were learning in preparation for the first Gulf War.

Time Stamps of particular training:

4:20 Captain in charge of base: chemical warfare   gas chamber with tear gas

09:33 Commanding officer USS Excel, Minesweeper finding and catching mines.

12:00 mine hunting in south bay area or just outside the golden gate

18:17 NTTC inside the USS Buttercup Alan Larson who heads the NTTC
At 28:16 which is the beginning of the actual drill they are checking for radiological damage notice the yellow box with the wand.

29:23: white smoke no flame

29:52: Radiological damage

49:53: Gas Chamber CS Gas looks like the lower floor of the pandemonium II is the gas chamber

56:28: Pandemonium II explaining the gas chamber test in front of USS Pandemonium II . Note the first USS Pandemonium was located under the current housing and was the site of chemical, biological and radiological training including the use of Mustard Gas training on the site https://treasureislandcalifornia.wordpress.com/2021/01/27/ti-map-uss-pandemonium-1-under-present-day-housing-at-treasure-island-atomic-biological-and-chemical-warfare-training-site/

The Navy moved the ship to the northeast side of the island and used it for gas training after offensive use of Chemical and Biological weapons were outlawed. But it is exactly the same ship

57:43: Fire fighting  left to right Boiler Room Simulator, Engine Room simulator, and foc’sle simulator which is the forecastle the front of a ship simulator

Note: the minesweeper was also featured in this film from 1950 where they are spraying a biological disease into the air in order to determine how far and how effective their methods are in using biological warfare offensively. Same minesweeper used in the training in 1991 as in 1950 https://treasureislandcalifornia.wordpress.com/2021/01/25/ti-film-1951-the-navy-purposely-contaminating-san-francisco-with-a-biological-disease-to-prove-it-can-happen/

TI- City of San Francisco application to Harass and Kill take Marine Mammals to build Ferry Pier on Treasure Island

NOAA map showing the construction is located where seals feed. Why did they chose this location, why not another location on the island.

Documents from 2020 of City and County of of San Francisco applying for permission from the National Marine Fisheries Service to Harass and kill Marine Mammals to build the Ferry Terminal at Treasure Island right at the location where Marine mammals feed, see They did the same for the Mission Bay Ferry Terminal in 2018 and in 2019 Gray Whales were killed in and around San Francisco Bay.

KTVU article on the death of 3 Gray Whales April 8, 2020
Three gray whales have been found dead in and around the San Francisco Bay in the past week. It’s raising concern among marine scientists who said that number is alarming. https://www.ktvu.com/news/three-dead-whales-found-in-san-francisco-bay-area-in-a-week

National Marine Fisheries Service
Application for Incidental Harassment
Authorization for Marine Mammals

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Commerce. published this notice in the federal register

Marine Mammal Commission receiving letter for the request to look into this.  https://www.mmc.gov/wp-content/uploads/20-06-29-Harrison-City-of-SF-IHA.pdf

The National Marine Fisheries response to the Marine Mammal Commission to the initial notice above.   In the Federal Register notice: 

News Articles:

Builder, an online building magazine September 10, 2019: 
https://www.builderonline.com/land/local-markets/ferry-terminal-started-on-s-f-s-treasure-island_o  Chris Meany and Treasure Treasure Island Community Development (TICD) announce the ferry terminal .

Chronicle article:

Other documents

2004 report on placement of the ferry terminal building at other locations on Treasure Island PDF file Why didn’t they put the ferry docking at these locations instead and note the east side pier still exists Picture below page 8:

Supplement to Treasure Island
Ferry Terminal Location Study July 2004

2018 application by the City and County of San Francisco to harass and kill marine mammals for the Mission Bay Ferry Project :

Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to the Mission Bay Ferry and Water Taxi Landing Project in San Francisco Bay, California https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/10/22/2018-22923/takes-of-marine-mammals-incidental-to-specified-activities-taking-marine-mammals-incidental-to-the

Carol Harvey on KPFA – Flashpoints, The Treasure Island chemical and radiological burns on residents during construction

Go to time stamp 41:30, and start listening after the song ‘No Use.”  That’s where Dennis Bernstein begins his interviews with Carol and Asia at about 5:45 pm on Thursday, March 25, 2021. Carol is with Asia William who lived and worked on the island and received burns on her legs from walking in the grass on the island. Only people who have left the island can talk freely about their experiences; if you live on the island they will evict you if you speak out about the problems.
Also see Carol’s article in the Bay View National Black Newspaper Breaking news: An emergency on Treasure Island March 25, 2021.

Smadar Lavie’s Powerful Testimony of Racialized evictions from Treasure Island an EPA superfund site for nuclear radiation

Smadar Lavie’s Powerful Testimony of Racialized evictions from the Treasure Island, San Francisco California an EPA superfund site for Nuclear Radiation, Biological and Chemical warfare training. https://youtu.be/ngrtIw-MrS0 Oct 26, 2017

The following is the text from YouTube on this video:

The city of SF acts as slumlord of Treasure Island residents Treasure Island is a former US naval base between San Francisco and Oakland, California. It is known to be a highly radioactive site that has not been remediated. When the US military left the Island they gave it to the city of SF. The military housing became project housing and all residents of Treasure Island have the city of SF as a landlord. It is the 3rd most diverse neighborhood in the United States with 70% people of color, not including the many Muslims and Arabs that are counted as white. SF is planning the building of 8500 brand new housing units while acting as a slumlord to the residents, particularly targeting the Black Latino and Muslim residents with no cause evictions and daily harassment. Credits: Directed by Noémie Serfaty
Second camera: Vera Yin
Editing: Noémie Serfaty – Vera Yin
Music: Sequestration by Nemeton – Adrian Newton
Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike To see more videos by Noémie Serfaty: www.noematic.space

TI-“Everybody who put us out there should be in jail for murder and attempted murder”

Part 1-The Poisoning of Treasure Island- Residents, workers, sailors vs U.S. Navy, et al. 1-21-20
https://sfbayview.com/2020/03/treasure-island-everybody-who-put-us-out-there-should-be-in-jail-for-murder-and-attempted-murder/ March 10, 2020 The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. By Carol Harvey

Kamala Harris Faces Obstruction of Justice and Corruption Charges By SF TI Residents for placing them on an EPA Superfund Nuclear Radiation site

Full Article at this address: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2019/03/15/18821934.php#18821937

Heartbreaking video of Felita Sample and Andre Patterson who brought the obstruction of Justice Charge against Kamala Harris for putting the homeless onto a nuclear waste site and they describe their illness. Andre now has large cancers on his back.  https://youtu.be/WxcIrbPAJxQ
By the Video Labor Project.