Treasure Island San Francisco lost its Nuclear Regulatory Commission License over incompetency in 1985

In Reference to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at Treasure Island, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Inspector wrote the following and the actual document is below: “I explained that it did not appear that he had any experience with radioactive materials” Immediately after this inspection the base sent its Cesium 137 to Oakland for disposal, giving up the ship! They would return a year later with all the forms done and with a new staff.

NRC Conversation over phone on the qualifications of Treasure islands Radiological Officer and it turns out he had no direct experience with radiation. After this call Treasure Island surrendered its radiological sources for disposal in Oakland,

Here is the surrender of the material to Oakland:

NRC Violations

Treasure Island Navy Base violated NRC Regulations over many years, not checking the devices for leaks and they ignored the NRC until it got to the point where the NAVY had to surrender its Cesium 137 for its training devices in Building 343 in 1985 (above).

The next year the Navy came back with a full staff with all the qualifications necessary to do the job, but up to that point it was all in the hands of people who were not qualified and today we see the result, radioactive materials buried all over the island.

Note the US Treasury also had a facility on Treasure Island that had licenses for radioactive foils, foils just like the ones found under the housing at Treasure Island and it too had NRC Violations, and i will write that in a separate article.

Treasure Island Nuclear Regulatory Commission license dated March 24 1982


NRC Link

Here is where they gave up and surrendered the Cesium source for NBC training. Nuclear Biological and Chemical Training:

In 1986 they came back in force with 4 officers that would be in charge of the training program with all of the proper documentation

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