Fort Mason in San Francisco received nuclear materials from Atomic Energy Commission and NRC


The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and later the Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent radioactive materials to Fort Mason in San Francisco which is right next to Fisherman’s Wharf. Every Naval Base, ship or other location had radiological training where they received radioactive isotopes from the Atomic Energy Commission or later by the Department of Energy or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The base was the location of the Military Sea¬†Transportation Service. Form AEC-313.

Marina Green was part of Treasure Island. It was the Navy’s degaussing location where ships would be placed east to west and they would use a charged line to remove any north south magnetic fields off the ship by running this line under the ship and back to the other side and then moving it up and down the length of the ship to remove magnetic fields. This was to make it harder for magnetic mines to attack our ships and it worked! All ships that went through San Francisco was degaussed at this location.

All military cargos that were considered munitions could not be transported across bridges in San Francisco Bay. They had to be shipped by other means whether it was driving it directly up and down the peninsula or by ship, the movement of material was regulated. Today you cannot carry more than a specified amount of ammunition on the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate, for the protection of the bridge.

If an EPA superfund site was to be established for For Mason this would involve a radiological study of everything within a half mile radius of the island.

My guess is that this is what stopped them from getting the EPA national Priority List status as any listing would require the radiological survey of the Mission District all the way to Broadway in San Francisco and people would notice the feds walking into their apartments dressed in Hazmat suits and Geiger Counters, taking swabs on all surfaces to determine if there is alpha radiation.

It still needs to be done for Fort Mason. You cannot have people exposed to nuclear radiation and I recommend the survey be done, just to make sure they didn’t store Radioactive Materials off base.

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